2015-2016 Committees

Community Outreach  - Darrin Palmer, Chair  The Community Outreach Committee works to increase the awareness, knowledge and impact of Leadership Prince George’s through strategic involvement in activities and/or programs that address the needs of the citizens of Prince George’s County. The committee aims to increase alumni involvement, partner with Community Service organizations, and increase media awareness of LPG Community Involvement.

Curriculum Committee  - Marva Jo Camp and Andristine Robinson, Co-Chairs  The Curriculum Committee is responsible for developing and implementing the content, format and material for the Opening Retreat, Closing Retreat and Monthly Program Days. In addition, the Committee develops supplemental materials, programs and activities to augment and enhance the Program Day experience, and other leadership training offerings.

Fund Development Committee – Darin Conforti and Robert Key, Co- Chairs  The Fund Development Committee is responsible for recommending and implementing an annual fund development plan and monitoring progress and effectiveness of Leadership Prince George’s fundraising efforts. Funds raised are used to support operations, events, activities and initiatives of LPG.

Information Technology Committee – Manuel Arrington and Anita Pesses, Co-Chairs The IT Committee oversees the management of information communicated through the LPG website and social media. The committee is also responsible for interfacing and engaging with committees and serving as the content developer. The IT Committee is the image custodian of the LPG website information and appearance.

Marketing and Public Relations Committee—Birgitt Brevard, Chair The Marketing and Public Relations Committee is responsible for developing and disseminating marketing materials, news releases and other communications to enhance the visibility, branding and image of LPG. The committee designs and produces print materials, signage, exhibits and other messaging targeted to Members, Graduates, and stakeholders to encourage involvement in LPG events.

Leadership Development Committee  - Debbie Tyner, Chair  The Leadership Development Committee is responsible for developing and facilitating the Lunch & Learn Series and working in collaboration with the Curriculum Committee to facilitate Policy Roundtables and other leadership and professional development offerings for the organization. During each of these sessions, attendees are able to exchange information, broaden their knowledge about the subject and make new contacts. At the same time, the Leadership Development Committee will educate attendees about the work of Leadership Prince George’s and enlist their interest and support.

Membership/Recruitment Committee – Wanda Ramos and Dr. William Welch, Co-Chairs   The Membership Committee is responsible for the recruitment and retention of graduates of Leadership Prince George’s. The Membership Committee also plans activities and events to keep graduates connected and engaged. The Committee also is responsible for facilitating recruitment of new class members.

Reach Back Mentor Committee – Natalie Beckwith, Chair  The Reach Back Mentor Committee is responsible for facilitating a series of interactive engagement between LPG graduates who serve as mentors to current class members. The committee provides additional support and guidance as needed.

Emerging Leaders Committee  - Tara Eggleston and Lavinia Baxter, Co-Chairs  The Emerging Leaders Committee works in collaboration with the Curriculum Committee to design and implement programs to help develop the leadership capacity of young people in Prince George’s County. The program focus includes knowledge building, action/based opportunities and interactions with community trustees throughout the region, and other experiential platforms for participants.

Strategic Planning Ad Hoc Committee—Chris Wallas, Chair (needs description)

30th Anniversary Steering Committee—Sharon Jackson, Lavonne Thomas-Reedy, Lucy Austin, Kelli Vaughn, Kira Calm Lewis, Susan Oliver (Who is the chair?  Needs description)